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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth in terms of replacing missing a singular tooth or multiple teeth. Implants offer superior comfort to traditional metal or acrylic dentures and do not usually involve traumatising natural teeth like traditional dental bridges. They are fixed into the jaw bone and are maintained in a similar fashion to natural teeth (with regular cleaning and home care). If they are well maintained, implants can remain healthy and functional for decades in the mouth. At Greenhill Road Dental, Dr. Han Deng (one of a select few with a 2-year Masters Degree in Implant Dentistry from Griffith University) can offer all stages of dental implant treatment including consultation, implant surgery, and implant restoration to minimise treatment times and associated costs. All implants and restorative components used are of the highest quality and have lifetime warranties from the manufacturer. 

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