Dental Services


A removable treatment option for replacing lost teeth is with the use of dentures. Dentures have been around for a long time (before dental implants and dental bridges) and is still very common today as they are an economical alternative to modern options such as implants and bridges. Unlike common perception, many individuals had dentures made decades ago, when other options were not available, and have had minimal issues with them their whole life! Like everything, there are pros and cons with dentures:



Comparatively inexpensive


Nice looking teeth

Does not decay

Easy to repair/replace


Mobile (not fixed in jaw like teeth or implants)

May have hooks/clasps


Impaired taste sensation

Depending on the number of teeth present we can construct partial or full denture in either acrylic or metal. The entire process is usually done over 3-5 appointments over a period of a few weeks depending on the complexity and materials used.

A modern innovation with dentures that is becoming more popular is the use of dental implants in combination with existing partial or full dentures. This allows greater retention while also reducing the amount of acrylic used allowing better speech and taste for the individual. For more information on this please visit our affiliated implant website