Dental Services

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy involved removing diseased nerve tissue from within the root of the tooth. It is done to save sore and infected teeth from being extracted while eliminating the infection and associated toothache. Depending on the tooth the number of root canals can vary (hence the cost will vary), from one at the front of the mouth to three to four canals in molar teeth at the back.  It is usually carried out over 2-3 visits with a dressing left in the root canal(s) and a temporary filling between appointments to eliminate the bacteria causing the disease.  The canals are then filled with a rubber based material and the tooth is restored with a filling or a crown.


Most people experience little or no discomfort with root canal treatment and enjoy a very high rate of success although difficult teeth and canals may need to be referred and managed by an endodontist. It is very important to have the tooth in question assessed properly before starting root canal treatment as incorrectly diagnosed teeth may lead to complications and failed root canal therapy (stories that you often hear about)!