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Restorative Dentistry

We offer a variety of dental fillings ranging from small tooth-colour resin fillings to large custom made porcelain fillings to match the colour of your teeth as closely as possible. Whether it's old amalgams or stained and chipped plastic fillings that need replacing, we have the solution for you! We ensure the quality of our fillings hence we are willing to give guarantees on our work in most cases. Metallic fillings (including gold fillings) are also available for special circumstances or at patient's request.


What is a filling?

A filling is a material that is placed in a cleaned cavity inside a tooth. It can be made of plastic/glass, porcelain, or metal/gold alloys


Why do I need a filling?

The most common reason for a filling is decay. If a cavity or decay has been identified in a tooth it is important to address is as soon as possible to prevent progression of the decay which can lead to more severe problems such as toothaches and fractures.

The other common reason for a filling is when a tooth has cracked or chipped (usually from trauma or grinding/clenching) and requires repair to prevent further damage to the remaining tooth structure. Accidental trauma from food such as seeds, nuts and grains can also trigger this.

What materials are used?

At Greenhill Road Dental & Implants we offer a wide range of filling materials suited to your needs:

Composite Resin

This is the most common material used and is a form of plastic – it is a white filling material. Composite resin is the closest material we have that mimics tooth structure that can bond/stick to the tooth


This is the dark metallic fillings that were often used. It is high in strength and is used in selective cases only


  • Porcelain fillings are ideal for most large fillings where strength is important – it is a white filling material
  • Porcelain fillings require 2 appointments

1: prepare the tooth/cavity and take an impression from which a filling will be made to fit perfectly

2: cement the filling in/on the tooth

Gold / Metals

  • Gold/Metal fillings are fantastic in larger but shallow fillings in areas that are under a lot of force, generally in the back teeth
  • Like Porcelain fillings they require 2 appointments to prepare the tooth and then again to cement the filling
  • Gold/Metal fillings are very durable