Dental Services

Crowns and Bridges

Generally made out of porcelain or zirconia (similar to cubic zirconia but tooth-coloured) for aesthetics or metal alloys, crowns are used to increase strength to structurally compromised teeth or to improve colour and appearance (such as ones with discoloured root canals).

Bridges can be used in certain cases to replace missing teeth, much like dental implants. They are custom made in the dental laboratory and can improve the appearance of multiple teeth as well as chewing function.  Bridges are also from ceramic, zirconia or metal alloys.


Two appointments are involved in the preparation of a tooth for crown.  At the first the tooth is reduced by 1-2mm to create enough room for the crown to fit over the top of the tooth, an impression is taken and sent to a local laboratory where the crown is custom made, which generally takes 2 weeks.  You will have a temporary crown placed at the first appointment while the crown is being fabricated.  At the second appointment the temporary crown is removed and the final crown strongly cemented in place.