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Orthodontic Aligners

Orthodontic aligners are sets of translucent (see-through and clear) stents that move teeth slowly over a period of weeks or months. They are a great alternative to traditional braces (wires + brackets) in suitable cases and have become very popular in the past decade. The aligners are worn 22-23 hours per day (only removed during eating) and are switched usually every 1-2 weeks. They are barely visible when worn so there is minimal cosmetic concern for those who are deterred by the traditional methods of using metal wires.

clear aligners


Digital scanning, no moulds needed

Clear/translucent - barely noticeable


Easy to use


Needs to be worn 22-23 hours per day

May need revisions throughout treatment
(new scan + new aligners)

Requires more effort by users

Digital scans are taken of your teeth and the aligners are designed digitally so no need for messy moulds in the mouth. At Greenhill Rd Dental & Implants, we currently use Clear Correct aligners which have provided excellent results with shortened treatment times due to their unique design. From planning and scanning your teeth, the aligners will be made and delivered within 3-4 weeks.